2% Milk fat, Invest now!

Time to invest money, shave bloated spending, and look for additional supplemental income! Sorry, this wasn’t really about a post on 2% milk fat. But it sort of does relate as I’m sure a lot of people have fat, a.k.a. unnecessary costs, in our lives that we could cut down on in our diet. Mr. Money Mustache was a life-saver, literally, for me. When there is excessive spending and stagnant savings sitting in a bank account, what was I thinking?!

Credit cards can mitigate some of the spending costs. When comparing Mr Money Mustache’s CardRatings.com versus Nerd Wallet’s card recommendations for cash back cards, CardRatings.com had better ones up front for the amount of credit card spending I do monthly and annually. It was crazy to think about juggling credit cards based on their cashback rewards but the savings are definitely there even if its 0.5% to 3% difference. Another idea in regards to juggling credit cards better on day-to-day spending is to label your credit cards so you know how much %cash back you’re getting back on each one. This helped me shift from using the Costco Citi Visa card over to my first (and staple) Capital One Quicksilver card where every purchase provides 1.5% cash back. Applying for other cards with higher rewards will soon be in this mix as well but the other thing I took into factor is looking for the best cash back credit cards with no annual fee as I don’t spend enough to justify a hundred dollars in annual fees, even if it is waived the first 12 months.

The other spot I started shaping and cutting the fat out on is my spending, especially food. I spent, wait for it, a whopping seven hundred monthly in food (and bars) expenses last year. Granted, there are people who probably spend much more on food than me, that still seems insane if you start to break down how much that cost means per day and per meal. By first trying recipes that were on Mr. Money Mustache’s site had sparked my love for SeriousEats with fusing quick, healthier, and inexpensive meals. Seriously, SeriousEats has some amazing proven science behind good cooking, I definitely recommend getting The Food Lab book by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt if you are ever curious about cooking and why things turn out the way they do. Anyways back to meals–going from sometimes 20 to 30 bucks a meal down to 1 to 2 dollars a meal means I’m saving that much more, which means I can place this unspent cash into investments which will work more for me rather than against me. Unless the fees are astronomical, then the investments could be maximizing your returns.

The primary cost I have is rent, which is a little less flexible than food since living the San Francisco Bay Area has cost of living to epic proportions. I remember living in the central valley where I could have a 1Bed/1Bath and parking spot apartment for a very decent price, whereas spending the same in the Bay Area will get you maybe a bedroom in a shared house with sparse street parking in a low-income neighborhood. Have to remind myself that I’m paying for the weather, the good air quality (although hasn’t been too good lately due to the CA fires), local businesses, and the diversification of things. I do have some wiggle room but it is definitely a lifestyle adjustment to have roommates and no reserved parking considering I have a personal and company vehicle.

The last thing I’ve looked into lately is investments. Holy cow there’s so much stuff out there that I’ve been out of the loop on. There are things like roboadvisors, REITs, and cloud/internet-based financial management services. I never even heard of a roboadvisor until this year, a little sad, but I’m learning…. I’m learning… <starts curling up into a ball rocking back and forth>. Anyways, with unspent cash that might be going towards a large purchase or just straight up providing additional supplemental income, I couldn’t pass this up considering all my savings is just sitting there in an FDIC savings account accruing a fraction of a % of interest, ugh. The two sources I did find that are a good starting point for this so far is Nerdwallet and Investor Junkie. I’m taking some risk but at the cost of not only staying afloat but to secure a near future as well as retirement.

All in all, I know it’s not spring cleaning but fall cleaning! Haha. Well, in terms of balance in life, I’m learning that doing regular checkups on finances can be a really good and inspiring thing, especially when seeing how much little bits make a difference.


The Perpetual BLT

From my previous post, a lot of things grow, proactive responses can grow, etc. By eating food that once was alive, is this basically saying that living things need other living things to live? And if we are living for an idea or a concept bigger than us, how can we keep it alive such as love or caring? If this concept or idea is alive, then it behaves on a much larger scale and we could, in a way, treat it like an entity. Is it possible for two concepts or ideas to interact with each other? And what if these concepts and ideas are actually cells part of a much higher idea, concept, or entity? This seems it could be infinite but I can only imagine that our brains can only fathom a fraction of this. If a concept is kept alive by the people who live it, then how did a concept come about in the first place? An example of what I’m talking about is exhibiting responsibility. We all can exhibit this by our actions of what it means to be responsible. This, in a way, makes responsible an entity that morphs and changes based on its composition much in the same way a human body’s composition is mostly of cells.

Another way to think about this is choice of words we use. The more we use a word, we as society define what and how that word comes into play; i.e. slang, the meaning or feeling of it, etc. And in this sense, sometimes new words are created and born in this world. Majestical.


On another note, I made white bean red lentil burgers for the first time. Plus it’s my first food post (yay). They were delish. These white bean red lentil patties were comforted by toasted brioche buns and an ensemble of crispy tator tots, followed by a washing of sparkling water.

I didn’t have all the fixings of a normal burger so I ended up using a thick juicy slice of a Hot House tomato and guac. Gotta have guac. Gotta owe the patties to Thug Kitchen for making an awesome book. Gotta gotta! Smoked tempeh and carrot sandwiches were left to marinate as well, so we’ll see how those turn out. The kitchen smelled of cumin, liquid smoke, and crispy baked goods. My mouth is watering just thinking of this. Anyways, I hope to make this again. Took maybe a little over an hour of prep and cooking to the final product…plus it’s vegan and healthy!

Proactive Response

Is it possible to be proactive of our reactions? If everyone is reacting and responding to other people’s responses and society is a chain of reactions/responses, then what is considered an action that is separate from all other reactions? An idea? A new idea? What if we wanted to remove this growth of chain reactions that occurred over a period of time?

This, in a way, reminds me again of the movie Annihilation but with a lighthouse scene  with Lena’s (Natalie Portman) mimic. By the way, Natalie is a fucking hilarious actor-go watch her “Natalie’s Rap 2.0 (Uncensored Version)” on YouTube. If you can handle my occasional language, then you probably won’t have a problem with the video. In fact, I’ll link it here so you don’t have to search that shit. Anyways. Back to the mother. Fucking. Topic. Now say something nice.

I hope that video was entertaining. Seriously, back to business.

Being proactive about our response means we know an end destination to a certain degree. An example of this is, we know that at some point we need to eat and drink water, so we respond by planning our eating and drinking situation. This can be a planned in as little time as needing something immediately to making reservations at a restaurant a year from now. The thing that intrigues me is social interactions such as choice of words. Words can be a powerful thing such that they can have impact on our actions. Famous motivational quotes and something as seemingly simple as saying “I do” can have lasting positive effects. But even proactively responding can still have unforeseen mistakes. Fermenting wine, beer or sauerkraut can be like this where the whole batch can go sour. Obviously this becomes part of the learning process. The question then becomes, where are we wanting to go? What are our goals? Another obvious thing is that all living things perish at some point in time. If we plan for our death, then we need to be proactive about this and work towards something that lives on longer than our deaths, something bigger than us as an individual. Sort of like how a human body is made up of trillions of cells while billions of cells die each day but then there are newer cells to serve the body. The human body will react on some level to breathe, to eat, and drink to survive and grow new cells, which might be the most basic of human functions. From there, it is then being proactive about our living and knowing how we are wanting ourselves and our bodies to grow.

What are you going to be proactive about?

Something else to think about: look around you and think about how everything in your field of vision got to where it is today. I.e. the clothes you wear, the screen you are looking at to read this, etc. Fascinating stuff.


Perceiving and Understanding


I noticed lately that social influence occurs on subconscious levels which may not be able to be immediately observed. I am learning that I am open minded to others who are open minded but I am close-minded to others who are close-minded. In a way I relate to these individuals, even if there are varying levels of disagreements about what we are being open or close minded about.

I can empathize with these individuals but at the same time learning my own values and where to be close minded creating boundaries and being open minded allowing new perspectives and information to come in. I suppose the devil’s advocate would say why would you want to be either? Or why would you not want to be? Then the thoughts would lead to, if I can respect each type of thought process to better understand the world, it’s not about being “right” but understanding.

Someone shared with me that it can be difficult for me to understand someone while not teaching that other person what I understand about them because they may not want to understand that themselves. Something that triggered this is encountering people who might seem extremely open minded are polarized and can also be extremely close minded. There can be goals of achieving balance in the sake of these two sides.

Yo bro, do you even divide cells?

Everyone grows differently. Last week I watched the movie Annihilation. It made me realize something about myself as well as a lot of people and living things. When a cell divides into two, are they exactly identical? Walking through a forest, there are countless cell divisions occurring. Does history repeat itself? Maybe, if we want to generalize events. A exercise workout routine or going to a Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 job may look like an exact repeat of itself year after year but in this sense, we can zoom out and see that things are changing because of this repetition. Call me slow, thick or easily fascinated but I enjoy observing and examining the seemingly simple things in life.

What might be crazy is that mutations can happen over time after each cell division. If that is the case, entertaining the thought that humans have changed over the years can be possible. To rebuttal this, humans are going to be somewhat choosy with how they reproduce with each other based on their values. But what if those values shift over time as well? Clothes that was considered fashionable is now out of fashion, this also applies to a preference of a variety of human identities. Jeez, this is starting to sound like the movie Idiocracy where more idiots reproduce. Where’s your tattoo bro?

For the religious organizations out there, is it possible that your god(s) exist as well as evolution? I’m going to pick on Christian organizations because that’s how I was raised. God may have created the heavens and the earth, but is it possible that what he created may have also been designed to change over time? After all if God is everything and He is change. Change is the constant in all that ever was, is, and will be. The place that you currently live in wasn’t the same before you lived in it.

The other thought is if there is a God out there, it must have been one hell of a programmer. Every living thing contains program codes otherwise known as DNA. How the fuck can something this complicated be in something as simple as a single cell? A cell smaller than I can see with my own eye. Sorry, I let a f bomb loose. Shit. Well, we are starting to have bio hackers and genetically modified roles in society, and people surely thought of ways to alter or clone human DNA. What does this mean? It seems dangerous to take our program into our own hands. Whether we are unsatisfied with the bugs or curious in admiration with parts of or all of our code. There are probably people who are also ambitious, certain that we can create something entirely new.

Alright, well I’m done with this observation but if the organic codes in life are dwindling while genetically modified organisms are potentially increasing, I want to continue to savor the natural life and all of its fascinating cell divisions.

Furst Post

Something to be said

Well, here we are. Taking a test drive with some fresh fruits and veggies. I am created this blog in hopes of sharing learned experiences by using practical and analogical approaches so others hopefully understand themselves better too and to also showcase my latest projects of cooking, and maybe gardening. We’ll save my life story for another time but for now I’m going to open up this can of tomato paste like it’s 1999. I was dreaming when I wrote this, so forgive me if it goes astrayyyy.

*An hour later*

Still dancing and jammin to oldies. Supa freak, supa freakyaaaooh. Alright. Focus. Time to blog. Stop. Hammah time!

Coincidental Pattern or a Mysterious Mystery

I experienced observing three different people having gone through emotional and relationship challenges recently. Happy belated Mario Day by the way; Mar10 = Mario. Each of these people have ended a relationship with someone or something. The mother, an older son, and a younger son. The reason for ending the relationship was because in each of those lives, it was perceived as not in alignment with their morals. Even the receiving end of the breakup have a set of beliefs. Most, if not everyone, are damaged goods. All three of these breakups occurred within less than a month of each other seemingly independent and little knowledge of each other’s lives on what is going on. The father is missing from this picture who passed away about 5 years and 6 months ago. I am trying to objectively understand if it is possible that these events are correlated and if so to what degree. “Hey that sounds like conspiracy!” Well, buddy. Maybe it is. Maybe. It. Is. Anyways, I wanted to put this out here because it is an interesting case that I have wondered what other similar experiences have been observed of people’s actions that appear to potentially be connected. Or maybe another force could be driving the coincidental events.


Existing cities and man-made landmarks are historical concepts and ideas created by people in the past. This includes intentional and unintentional things. I had a little trip a bout this earlier. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck book influenced me to think about this, thanks Mark Manson.